March 29, 2021

VIDEO: Health and Community Tips for the Week of 3/29/2021

Hello FB family, this Monday Morning on Pops Barnes” Health or Community Tip for the week I had on my Pre-Show at 9:45AM Ms. Cheryl Kolb, the Public Health Educator for the West Central Health District addiction, Prevention and Education Program. Cheryl says this program is focused on the the opioid epidemic, tracking overdoses in Georgia and educating the public about opioids, addiction and reducing stigma across the state.

The COVID-19 epidemic has had a detrimental effect on the opioid epidemic in Georgia. When comparing 2019 data to 2020, emergency departments visits increased by 57%, heroin involved emergencies by 66%, opioid overdose deaths by 58% and fentanyl overdoses increased by 161%. Anyone interested in learning more about opioids can join Community Opioid Prevention Alliance (COPA). The next virtual meeting is April 15 2021 at 1:00 PM. Please email Cheryl Kolb at for an invite.

Cheryl distributes Narcan to our at risk community and their loved ones every 4th Thursday at the Homeless Resource Network at 2221 Second Avenue in Columbus to save lives eery day until we can get you into treatment. Cheryl supports Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), through New Horizons and the Columbus Metro Treatment Center. You may reach Cheryl Kolb at her cell # (706) 326-1601 or office # (706) 392-8090.

On my regular show at 10:00 Am, I had Ms. Dorcas Woody, The Director of Georgia Strong Families, and Ms. Sharon Moore, the Lead Case Manager for Georgia Strong Families:

The Georgia Strong Families Program is a Federal Health Start Initiative focused on improving the health of women, babies and families before, during and after pregnancy. We walk alongside the family to provide resources, support and the help needed for families to have a healthy baby, raise a healthy family and keep themselves healthy and strong, We also have a Fatherhood initiative that empowers men to be knowledgeable, active and emotionally engaged with their child. The Fatherhood program is designed for dads. expecting fathers and male figures who wish to learn more about responsible fatherhood skills traits and practices. Enrollment is open to pregnant women, fathers/figures and families with children under 18 months who live in Muscogee County. THIS IS A FREE PROGRAM. THERE IS NO COST. You may contact us at (706) 321-6322.

My program is always to give you the best health information so you can live a healthy and long life with your loved ones or, if necessary, be able to make informed health care decisions. Until next Monday, Please be good and kind to yourself because God loves you.