March 22, 2021

VIDEO: Health and Community Tips for the Week of 3/22/2021

This morning on Pops’ Barnes Health or Community Tip for the Week on the Pre-Show, I had Mr. Chance Colbert the Emergency Manager for the City of Columbus. Chance gave me a scoop on my show that He wants to vaccinate as many people as possible. He has the vaccines so he said like Bob Barker used to say “Come on Down” to the Civic Center and get your shot.;if you show up and you do not have an appointment THEY ARE NOT GOING TO TURN YOU AWAY. I just think that is awesome news for this community. Chance also gave out the Emergency Office number if you do have a question 7062254300 AND his own personal cell number if you have a question 7069849635. Now!! You just cannot get any more serious about getting shots in arms than that. Again thanks much to Chance Colbert for coming on the show and giving us such good news.

On the regular show we had Ms. Joanne Mosley. Joanne gave a GREAT presentation on all that she and the other professionals do in the area of Developmental Disabilities. She and the other professionals really level the playing field for those developmental disabled and equip them with everything they need to live a full and equitable life. In addition, these professionals provide provide help and support for their care givers as well.

Until next time, Please be good and kind to yourselves because God Loves you.