Social Services

 Within 97 days of being in office, Pops fulfilled his campaign promises and persuaded Council to reopen three recreation centers which had been closed since 1997 in order to provide social services and healthcare to the community. In addition, he supported the passing of a local option sales tax to hire 100 additional Police Officers, as well as open a police precinct in the heart of District 1.

Funding and Infrastructure

During his years on City Council, Pops has made sure that District 1 has received its fair share of funding for streets, and infrastructure.

Under Pops’ watch District 1 has received over 38.1 Million dollars in funding for streets and infrastructure.

  • Corporate Ridge/Woodruff Farm upgraded signals and turning lanes-  $1.6 Million
  • Natatorium and Citizens Service Center- 31 Million
  • Rosewood Drive traffic calm/speed tables-  $25,000
  • Wynnton Road ATMS-signal System project- $1 Million
  • Forrest Road bridge replacements -$4.5 Million
  • Bena Vista Rd. pedestrian bridge renovation -$200,000
  • Milgen Rd.& Cooper Creek entrance- $10,000