March 8, 2021

VIDEO: Health and Community Tips for the Week of 3/8/2021

This morning on Pops Barnes’ Health and community Tip for the week show. on the pre-show we had Mrs Carolyn Lipscomb and her husband Hew.

These are two senior citizens who from 2000 have been delivering food to the senior citizens in 23 counties and they drive 1300 miles per month delivering food. What is so remarkable is that they do this themselves with no help. Food insecurity, unfortunately, is a sad reality in Georgia especially among seniors. I asked them to be on the show so that if people knew the fantastic charitable work they have been doing that maybe they can get some help in the way of people volunteering to help them or a monetary donation; no amount is too small. Carolyn said that it takes only two dollars (2.00) to buy a meal for a senior.

Donations can be mailed to:

4580 Bedgood Ave.
Arabi Ga, 31712

The second part of the show we had Ms. Cheryl Johnson of the West Central Georgia Cancer Coalition and Mr. Michael Nogbo from the Amos Cancer Center give an excellent presentation on Multiple Myeloma (a type of bone cancer); really good information about a type of cancer people know very little about.

As Always please be good and kind to yourself because God loves you.