July 1, 2015

July Newsletter 2015

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What’s Happening In District 1

Updates on the army downsizing in Ft. Benning
And the new neighborhood watch program.

The City of Columbus over the next couple of years will be feeling the effects of sequestration. The Army’s decision to downsize from its current strength of 570,000 soldiers to 450,000 will have a profound effect on the economy of the Columbus, Phenix City, and surrounding communities. The 3rd Brigade will be eliminated with the subsequent loss of 3,450 soldiers.

Ft. Benning was one of the three posts to receive the biggest cut losing 3,450 soldiers, along with Ft. Hood, 3,350, and Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska 2,631. Because Ft. Benning is the largest employer in the Tri-City area this reduction in the soldier population will have a financial impact in the loss of money spent by these soldiers and family members in housing, restaurants entertainment and retail industry.

Consequently,with the loss of military personnel, there will be a  tumbling down effect and a subsequent reduction in the civilian Civil Service personnel as well as contract workers on the post. The unfortunate additive effect of the loss of military, civilian and contract workers to the economy of  Columbus is forecast to be almost 200 million annually.

JERRY POPS’ BARNES STATEMENT– I have always believed that to have a strong nation, you have to have a strong military. Possessing a strong military is the ONLY WAY that we can keep the precious freedoms we have in this great country of ours. I will say to the community that Ft. Benning has always stood by us, now is the time that we have to stand by Ft, Benning.  I encourage all residents to get involved and write a letter to our elected officials in Washington.  They need to know how important it is for us to maintain the military strength that we have here at Ft. Benning.

Major General Scott Miller,
Commanding General of The Fort Benning Maneuver Center of Excellence will be the guest speaker”

“The Annual Tri-City Veterans Day Parade will be Saturday November 14 at 9AM
Greater Columbus Chamber launches  campaign against Sequestration 

The Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce is immediately being proactive in sounding the alarm to the Columbus community for it to get involved in slowing down the effects of sequestration in our community.

Brian Anderson, the president and chief executive officer of the Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce is asking residents to sign a petition against further reductions at

Interested in a Neighborhood Watch? 

There has been a number of recent  burglaries in the Columbus area. some of these burglaries have been in District 1. I have always been a firm believer in the power  of Neighborhood Watch organizations and their ability to deter crime and to also keep the quality of life up to the standards we all hope for.

On July 21st 2015 in the community room of the Citizens Service Center 3111 Citizens Way.  The Columbus Police Department attended to share information with neighbors about how to organize a Neighborhood  Interested leaders and communities, please feel free to visit my district website to start your own Neighborhood Watch.

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